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Spares for your robot!

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This page has all the spares needed for your robot! Please note this is only available to existing customers.

Please make sure you select the right robot and parts you need. You may need to add multiple of these if you want a few options. These spares are for the 3d printed and polycarbonate parts of your robot only, other parts are not included! Get in touch if you have any questions!

Chassis & Lid: This will get you an ABS printed chassis and Lid only. Fasteners to hold the lid on are included.

Polycarbonate Armour: A new set of polycarbonate armour for your robot! This includes the grabber arms for the grabber robot. Fasteners to hold the armour on are included.

Weapon Parts: This includes the flipper arms and servo to flipper link for the flipper. The small bar between the arms for the grabber. Fasteners to hold the parts on are included.

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Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow


Grabber, Flipper, Pusher


Polycarbonate Armour, Chassis & Lid, Weapon Parts