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All Components: For all components listed on the Nuts And Bots store we aim to have your order prepared within 5 working days to be shipped on the first Friday or Saturday once ready, occasionally there may be delays and we will endeavour to inform you if this occurs. Shipping may be slower close to robotics events due to increased demand and preparation of our own competition fleet! Nuts and Bots is unable to ship on any day other than Friday or Saturday.

All Robots: As every robot is produced to order please note there is a delay between you ordering and the product shipping, for all standard Antweights we aim to ship within 4 weeks of receiving an order.

Service: All postage is conducted via Royal Mail using 1st Class Large Letter or 1st Class Small Parcel for components and Special Delivery Small Parcel for our custom built robots. Special Delivery Small Parcel includes insurance cover and tracking.

Shipping to outside the UK: Currently Nuts And Bots does not offer shipping to outside the UK.

Customer Notes:

Customer notes are to provide any additional information or instruction to Nuts And Bots. It is not for additional information to the courier and any notes in this section will not be passed to them when shipping.

Alternative Ordering Methods:

Nuts And Bots does not offer any alternative order methods. All orders are to be placed through the webstore to allow it to be appropriately handled by the system. Ordering through invoice or purchase order is not available.

Terms And Conditions:

Warranty: Your robot is covered for any failure in the function of the robot in terms of the chassis and any errors in the build resulting in premature failure of any components. In these cases the robot can be returned to Nuts And Bots to be repaired free of charge. We reserve the right to not repair or replace any product once it has been used in combat. Please note that these robots are designed to be used in short bursts, extended running for long periods may cause damage and excessive wear these may not fall under warranty. For products and components not manufactured by Nuts And Bots the original manufacturer holds the responsibility, Nuts And Bots will however handle this for you. Unless otherwise stated all warranties are valid for up to a year from purchase date.

ESC Distributor Warranty: Nuts And Bots is acting as a distributor for the NanoTwo ESC’s, the warranty on these products is supplied by the manufacturer but will be handled by Nuts And Bots. The warranty is as follows: “Minor damage to the controller may be repairable if a fault occurs while used under recommended operating conditions. Any shipping costs must be covered by the customer, and the customer may be charged for any replacement parts used in the repair. There is no guarantee that a repair is possible, and if that is the case the customer would need to buy a new controller at full price if they want a replacement. This warranty may be void if the the protective heat shrink is removed from the board or if the board is damaged by weaponry. Note: Damage from connecting the battery backwards or shorting the motor leads together is usually irreparable. Always check your connections thoroughly before applying power for the first time!

Alternate Components: In the event of one of the components being used becomes unavailable Nuts And Bots will replace the component at will with a suitable alternative. Replacement of a component will always aim to use a component of equal or higher quality and the customer will never be charged extra for this.

Maintenance Of Robots: The customer becomes responsible for the maintenance of the robot and any customer caused failures or breakages. Nuts And Bots is happy to offer guidance in repair and provides instructions that cover ongoing maintenance of the robot. Any maintenance needed that does not fall under the warranty can be conducted by returning the robot to Nuts And Bots for repair at cost of repair and postage (Payment on completion of the repair). Limited support can be offered at events Nuts And Bots is attending as well.

Disclaimer: Nuts And Bots is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the operation of a robot. There is an expectation of the customer understanding the dangerous nature of fighting robots and that proper precautions are taken whenever storing, using or handling the robot. Please familiarise yourself with the Robotwars101 ruleset for the ruleset the robots will be conforming to and rules on the competing and handling of the robot. Instructions for the basic care of your robot are provided with each robot to help you understand and get the most out of your machine. While Nuts And Bots is experienced in producing competitive antweights much of the competitiveness of an ant comes from the owner’s ability to drive it, it is highly recommended to practice with your robot!

Variation: All measurements and colours listed on the site are approximate and may vary.

By ordering from our store you agree to the above terms and conditions.