About Us

Welcome to Nuts And Bots!

Nuts & Bots is run by experienced roboteer Alex Shakespeare of Team Shakey and Team Nuts. Competing since 2010, Team Shakey has fought in everything from the small but popular Antweight class to as part of Team Nuts on Robot Wars. Now bringing that experience into a range of components and ready built robots to help both new and veteran builders alike.  Nuts & Bots provides components that help people get into the hobby and build the best robot they can.

Nuts & Bots offers a selection of ‘Ready Built Robots‘ to help get you started in the antweight class. Antweights are a popular weight class that many roboteers start in before building heavier robots. Made with a strong 3d printed chassis, polycarbonate armour, high quality components and effective designs they are capable of holding their own in the arena.

Our range of components offers a range of solutions to fit your needs, from our compact N10 motors to our renown ToughHub wheels.

Nuts & Bots is also able to be commissioned for projects and robots, contact us from our Information Page with your idea to get started!

Nuts & Bots kits!