Flipper Ant


An agile and powerful 2wd flipper perfect for both newcomers and experienced roboteers!

For Shipping to the US: You must select the ‘No battery’ option.

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This robot features a flipper able to overturn its opponents in the arena. The polycarbonate flipper front and side armour mounted on a strong ABS chassis protects the robot from damage. Its agile drive with our ToughHub wheels, N10 motors and BBB Edition Antweight Dual ESC means that this robot can use its flipper effectively to either immobilise an opponent, flip them into drop offs or over low walls. The flipper is capable of rapidly self righting the robot in battle to keep you in the fight.

The 2 wheel drive flipper is a staple design of robot combat effective across all weight classes making excellent robots for both newcomers and experienced roboteers.

Supplied with a LiPo Safe Bag (If LiPo option is selected), screwdriver and instructions. These robots are fully rules complaint for entry into UK Antweight competitions and come ready to connect up to your own radio gear and charger.

You can choose between two common receiver types DSMX or Flysky FS2A AFHDS, for suggested components and guides please see the ‘Antweight Care’ page. Nuts And Bots robots are built to order and there is a delay in shipping, please see the ‘Information Page’ for full details and shipping times.

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100L x 120W x 40H mm


Rear Hinged Flipper


ABS Chassis with Polycarbonate Armour


BBB Edition Antweight Dual ESC


N10 Ant Gearmotors


2S Lithium-Polymer Battery


DSMX Receiver, Flysky FS2A AFHDS