Pusher Antweight


A capable robust pusher able to send other robots down into the pit!

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Please Note: This is unavailable due to a part shortage. As soon as a stable supplier is located the robot will return to sale. (Updated 11/08)

This 2wd pusher represents a cornerstone of antweight combat, able to easily out push other Antweights with its drive. A NanoTwo ESC provides excellent control while the high grip wheels ensure as much torque as possible from the 30:1 micro gearmotors is put down onto the arena floor. Built to be invertible even being overturned will not stop it in a fight, with strong armour to help withstand damage to further keep it going.

The lightest of the available ants this is a great base for if you are looking to modify a robot yourself with 40g spare for you to add extra armour or even weapons to. An excellent robot for those just starting out or those looking to have a robot they can modify themselves.

Supplied with a LiPo Safe Bag, Screwdriver and sheet of instructions.

These robots are fully rules complaint for entry into all UK Antweight competitions and come ready to connect up to your own radio gear and charger. You will need your own DSM2 or DSMX Transmitter and Charger to run your robot with, for suggested components and guides please see the ‘Antweight Care’ page. Nuts And Bots robots are built to order and there is a delay in shipping, please see the ‘‘Information Page’ for full details and shipping times.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 82 × 112 × 25 mm

Strong Pushing Power


ABS Chassis with Polycarbonate Armour


2WD 30:1 N20 Gearmotors


2S Lithium-Polymer Battery


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow