Grabber Ant


A sleek grabber able to hold and push around other robots with its dual grabbing arms!

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With its dual grabbing arms this robot can catch other robots before pushing them around the arena and into the pit. Polycarbonate armour and grabbing claws are mounted to a strong ABS chassis making it able to withstand damage from other ants. Using N20 motors controlled by a BBB Edition Antweight Dual ESC on our ToughHub wheels help the robot make the most of any holds it manages in the arena. The grabbing arms are also able to right the robot should it be flipped upside-down in the arena.

Grabbers can take skill to drive but are rewarding and very capable in the arena able to pit any robots they catch.

Supplied with a LiPo Safe Bag, Screwdriver and instructions. These robots are fully rules complaint for entry into UK Antweight competitions and come ready to connect up to your own radio gear and charger.

You can choose between two common receiver types DSMX or Flysky FS2A AFHDS, for suggested components and guides please see the ‘Antweight Care’ page. Nuts And Bots robots are built to order and there is a delay in shipping, please see the ‘Information Page’ for full details and shipping times.

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 100 × 120 × 42 mm

Rear Hinged Flipper


ABS Chassis with Polycarbonate Armour


BBB Edition Antweight Dual ESC


2WD 30:1 N20 Gearmotors


2S Lithium-Polymer Battery


DSMX Receiver, Flysky FS2A AFHDS


Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow