N10 Ant Gearmotor (Pack of 2)

A pair of N10 gearmotors, ideal motors for antweight drive.

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NOTICE: The N10’s have become difficult to stock for you on the Nuts & Bots store, however with the fantastic Bristol Bot Builders you can now get your N10’s from theirs. Supplied to the same speeds they serve as replacements for these, it is advised to replace drive motors in pairs when switching over. The new N10’s have a slightly increased stall current and robots running 4 of them on a Malenki ESC may need to upgrade to a BBB Dual ESC or Malenki-HV. Follow this link for more N10’s! BBBxN&B Antweight N10 Gearmotors

These N10 Antweight Gearmotors are the perfect drive for your antweight. They have the same mounting dimensions as the common N20 motors (And can use the same motor mounts) but with a slightly shorter and lighter motor, they can be fitted in their place even on existing robots without changing anything else. Despite their smaller size and lighter weight they still pack a lot of power (The same as or better than many common N20 options.), plenty for any 150g robots needs!

Suited for up to 2 cell LiPo batteries, with a speed rating of 600RPM or 1000RPM at 6V these motors they provide a quick and powerful drive especially when paired with ToughHub wheels. 600RPM motors are ideal for control whereas 1000RPM will give your robot excellent speed.

Additional information


8.4g each


33L x 12W x 10H mm

Shaft Type

3mm D-Shaft 9mm Long

Voltage Rating

6V Nominal
8.4V (2S LiPo) Max

Motor Speed

600 RPM at 6V – ~800 RPM at 2S LiPo
1000 RPM at 6V – ~1400 RPM at 2S LiPo

Gear Ratio

50:1 or 30:1

Stall Current

0.9A at 6V
~1.2A at 2S LiPo