Garage Clearout

Having a bit of a Garage Clearout so have a look at what’s on offer. Everything can be collected from Blandford Forum in Dorset or be bought to the Bristol Bot Builders February Beetle event. If anything interests you drop me a message on facebook or email at

Middleweight – SOLD

This Middleweight was built by Chris Shakespeare and has been hanging around in my garage. However I think it’s time for it to find a home and get some actual use. It is a hardox chassis measuring 51cm wide by 42cm long, weighing 34kg. It has working drive in it with 2 6368 brushless motors (1 per side) belt driven into a final gear stage; Contact wheels are used giving quite high grip. There is also power distribution wired in, it will need drive ESC’s, battery and ESC’s. Also some links making as they were lost long ago. Does need some work mechanically sorting the lids out and it can come with a weapon setup that’ll bolt into the middle of it (And would prefer them to stay together). It would make an excellent start in middles or a cluster heavy.

Middleweight Axe – SOLD

This axe mechanism was built for the above middle and is functional though if I recall it could do with being fitted with a larger motor which it does have room for. The current one is not quite enough for self-righting. Weighs 9kg. Same 6368 motor as the drive pods with a similar belt then geared reduction setup. Hardox construction with a HDPE rod for the shaft to help lower shock on hits. Would bolt directly into the middle of the chassis, anyone interested in the middle has first refusal on this before I consider selling it seperately.

Featherweight Chassis – SOLD

A Hardox featherweight chassis also by Chris, it would make a good shell for someone starting out in FW’s to build into. Measuring 40cm wide, 30cm long and 9cm tall. Weighing ~7kg. Has mountings for custom brushless drive pods (Not available) so you’ll have to work around those mountings for it.

Drive Pods – SOLD

Also by Chris these middle/heavy drive pods feature a gear reduction (pinion would be on whatever motor powers these) into a second stage chain reduction. Weight of ~9kg each. Measures 45cm from shaft to shaft with 180mm wheels, 9.5cm wide between the 2 plates. Will need motors adding to it though I’m not 100% what it was originally meant to have (Think it may have been large ampflows but not sure), may be more suited with to someone with a bit more know-how to sort a motor and pinion out. Hardox construction.

Rapid Baseplate

This is Rapids Baseplate I got given at Series 10 filming to use for materials but I never did. Unfortunately I am unsure from which fight it came from, It’s got a bend on one corner from impacts and my best guess would be it was replaced form the Magentar/Eruption fight (I am not sure though). It has picked up a couple of extra scorches on the base from being too near some welding but is otherwise as it was coming out of the show.

Price: Open To Offers

Nuts 1 Rotation End

This is a part of the ring mechanism (including an end plate) from Nuts 1 from Series 8 of Robot Wars. This is what turned the ring around (When the gearbox felt like behaving) and was in the robot for all of its Robot Wars 8 fights. It was removed when I converted the robot to have a fixed ring as it currently runs with for live events.

Price: Open To Offers