NanoTwo V3 Dual ESC


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The NanoTwo V3 is the next generation of antweight controller. It is 20% smaller and almost half the weight of the V2, while still keeping the same powerful performance. Also new is the full battery voltage weapon port, allowing you to directly connect powerful servos without complicating the wiring. Most importantly, the V3 is now compatible with both DSMX and DSM2 protocols, allowing it to be used with a much wider range of transmitters.

  • Only requires motors and a battery to be connected and the receiver to be bound to a transmitter.
  • Weight: 3.8g
  • Dimensions: 21mm x 16mm x 8mm
  • Max Voltage: 8.4v (2S)
  • Max current: 1.5A per channel. (4 x N20 gear motors)
  • Built in signal mixing for more intuitive control.
  • Supplied with bind plug for easy setup.
  • Full Voltage Servo Connector for controlling weapons powered straight from the battery.
  • Compatible with both DSMX and DSM2.

For information on binding and using your controller along with information on other parts needed to complete your setup see our NanoTwo Setup Guide.

WARNING: This ESC has a servo output that provides full battery voltage to the positive pin, this allows for much easier wiring of many of the typical components used. However care must be taken not to exceed the voltage rating of any component connected to this output (Such as typical 5V rated servos). Any component with its own BEC connected to the servo plug MUST have its BEC disconnected (By cutting or otherwise disconnecting the red servo wire), not disconnecting this wire may result in terminal damage to the component.

This controller is produced by a third party with Nuts And Bots as a distributor, support will be conducted by the manufacturer through Nuts And Bots. Please see our Information Page for full information. Motors not included, pictured as an example.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 g
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 8 mm
Voltage Rating

8.4v (2S LiPo)

Maximum Motor Current Per Channel


Aux Channel

Servo Connector With Full Battery Voltage

Motor Channels


Transmitter Protocol


Onboard Mixing

Yes – Standard Mixing

Control Channels

Drive: Aileron & Elevator
Aux: Throttle